Laser for Musculo-Skeletal (Neuromoas)

This is extremely interesting announcement!

A recent clinical trial in the US demonstrated an extremely large decrease of pain and size of neuromas (inflammatory, benign tumor of nerve discovered mostly between the heads of the third and fourth metatarsals) in a small number of patients. Their results showed a 90% relief of pain and 50% reduction in the size of tumor (the size of tumor was measured both pre and post-treatment by ultrasound) with between 3 to 7 treatments.

Why is this interesting? The chance of replacing conventional remedies, mainly cortisone or alcohol injections and surgery with an outer, non-traumatic, non-invasive technique is the product of Star Trek.

Since the launch of the Neuroma Treatment by Laser, we have been treating neuromas using the laser achieving impressive results. All patients treated mentioned {a 50|a-50} % decrease in size and pain of the neuroma with the first treatment alone. After three treatments, the majority of neuromas were no longer painful or palpable.

Buoyed by this achievement, we have been treating several other musculoskeletal problems such as Plantar Fasciitis, Chronic and Acute Injuries of the Foot and Ankle, Post-Operative Pain and Swelling, Stress Fractures, Achilles Tendinitis, Posterior Tibial Tendinitis and Shin Splints. For sure, the outcomes of these therapies were equally exceptional. In our view, the Cutera Genesis Plus will revolutionize the practice of Podiatry!



Author: tammy gracen